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Angle mate?

Question asked by Rizwan Sattar on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by Scott Pinnow

hi everyone!

I am designing a Scissor lift on solidworks. On assembly, I added a concentric and co-incident mate between two beams so they were aligned. The next thing was I wanted my beams to move 45 degree apart. For that I used the Limit Angle mate and set the limit to 45 degrees (I selected the two top faces of the beams). Now the problem is that when I try rotating my beams only one beam rotates whereas the other beam is afixed to its position! I also want that beam to rotate as we have in scissor lifts. Can anyone tell me how do I correct this?
I am looking for this type of mechanism between the beams as in this video.

Thank you
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