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Only view most current Released file state...

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by Derek Lawson

Is it possible to set up permissions to only view the most current released state of a file even though file might not be currently in Released state?


Here is scenario and workflow:


File starts in Eng Design state.                                                                                 Eng Design state

Design is approved and moves to Released state.                                                       Released state

Over time file moved to Pending ECO state to make changes.                                     Pending ECO state


We currently have mfg set up to view latest files.  However in this case they see the Pending ECO state of the file.  What we would like them to see is the latest or most current file in the Released state.  The reason for this is that until the Pending ECO is approved and then it is moved to Released the mfg team needs to manufacturer whatever the most current Released file is. 


If possible could you provide some insight on setting up the permissions for this?


Thanks, Tim...