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    SolidNetWork License Manager won't let me change the server

    Paul Ikeda

      So I'm trying to get the 2013 installation going. I'm using a temporary activation until I can get SW to look at the correct server.


      Right now it is not looking at the right server. I open the SolidNetWork License Manager and the License Usage tab is showing the wrong server. So I go to Server List, where the incorrect server is listed, and remove it. I add the address to the correct server. However when I go back to the License Usage tab I get an error: "Could not get information from this server: ". The old incorrect server is still listed. So now on the two tabs there are two different servers listed. Well I thought, maybe I have to save it. So I click OK and ignore the same error. When I reopen I defaults back to the old server.


      Am I not using this tool properly? Is there are folder that doesn't have the correct permissions for me to change this? Any help is appreciated.