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Exported animation Choppy

Question asked by Josef Snabb on Nov 2, 2012
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I have started to work with animations and have problem with choppy video. Every 2-3 seconds it stops for a half second. But between the stops the video


runs very smoothly. On other computers it is the same accept one but we have not found out what the difference between the computers is.


Could it have something to do with different codecs? Direct X or something like that? Unfortunately I can not share the video.


I want it to work for others without any special setting on the computer. Any help or tip is very appreciated.





Standard Video and print format 4:3

Image size: 1080x810

Renderer: PhotoView

Video Compressor: Full Frames (Uncompressed)


Photoview Options: Final Render - Better


736 frames


Size of video 1,7Gb.



SolidWorks Premium 2012 x64 Ed.


Win 7 Pro, SP1 x64

HP Z400

Intel Xeon E312402@3.3GHz

8Gb Ram


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