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    Macro not updating dimensions correctly

    jacob may

      I have a macro that i have written that controls channel member sizes. This is what happens..........I run my macro then i have to manually go into the profile sketch on my channel and double click on a dimension like i am going to edit it before it will update to the size that i have set with the macro. If the dimension is being changed from 8" to 9" with the macro, when i edit my profile sketch it shows the dimension being 8" then right when i double click on the dimension to edit it, it automatically changes to 9". I hope this makes sense becuase i am lost on this one. I am doing this exact same thing with about 100 other dimensions in the same macro and they all update fine. Thanks in advance.

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          Artem Taturevych

          Please uploaded the problematic model and the macro to reproduce the issue. It would be better if you create a simplified version of the macro to only point to the problem.


          Excuse me I'm afraid no one can help you now because only information you have provided is that some specific dimension is not changed with unknown method (there are several APIs which can change the dimension value) .



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