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Configurations & equations

Question asked by Solidworks Ar on Nov 1, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Vladimir Urazhdin

Hi all,


I have an assembly with 3 parts inside. These 3 instances are from the same part but each in different configuration, so I have the following feature tree:

   * myPart<1> (configX)

   * myPart<2> (configY)

  * myPart<3> (configZ)


The part uses a dimension in a sketch which is different in the different configurations (this dimension is actually the difference between the configurations).


Now imagine I write 3 different equations referencing this dimension in the 3 different instances (that is in the 3 different configurations), the equations look something like:

   * myDimension@mySketch@myPart<1> = 1000

   * myDimension@mySketch@myPart<2> = 500

   * myDimension@mySketch@myPart<3> = 200


In this case I have an un-intended behavior: all the configurations take the same length, the latest one. It seems that specifying the part instance id (<1>, <2> or <3>) does not mean anything and an equation is always targeting all the instances of the part, whether I specify the instance id or not. So the 1st equation sets all configs to 1000, the second one overwrites them all three to 500 and the last one overwrites them once more to 200.


Hence the question: is there a way to specify an equation only for and instance (i.e. only for a config) of a part?


I have included the example I am refering to in a zip.