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    Simulation with bearings

    Umang Dighe

      Hi all !



      I am trying to run a simulation on a system as shown in the image attached. The green area are two bearings on both sides and the pink area is where I have torque. I am using simulation 2011. I dont really understand how I can use bearing fixture/connector to simulate my system. the bearings are connected to the sheetmetal using bolts. I am not too worried about the bolt. We've actually built this system and the torque is causing the sheetmetal to deflect/bend. Any Ideas ?? Thanks in advance.





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          Richard Wehmeyer

          The bearing fixture is a conceptual connection between two faces.  what it does is keeps the two surfaces concentric and at defined distance from each other. 


          You have a sliding fixture on the shaft; you need to remove it, the bearing takes care of that, instead, put a sliding fixture on the vertical face to keep it from sliding out


          Also, make sure the shaft is not bonded to the bearings.