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Flow Simulation moving parts

Question asked by Stephen Gray on Nov 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Dtelt Teltumbade

Hey guys, I'm a student and am having a tough time finding literature for FlowSim so I figured I would ask and someone could point me in the right direction.


I'm doing analysis on firearm suppressors for my senior project. I have the models for the suppressors in question and I'm trying to run them through FlowSim to evalulate exiting pressure. The problem is that this needs to be done with a bullet flying through the suppressor at about 1750 ft/s. I've done Flow analysis on the model with no moving parts but that is useless.


If possible can someone point me in the right direction on how to do Flow Analysis on the suppressor when the pressure may be hindered by a moving part. I think it is sufficent to assume that the pressure on the bullet will have no effect on the velocity so only the bullet needs to effect the pressure not the other way around.


Thanks in advance for your time.