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Wacky save behavior?

Question asked by Solidworks Ar on Nov 1, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by Solidworks Ar

Hello all,


I have an assembly including many other sub-assemblies. I do the following actions:


   * mofidy the assembly of its sub-components

    * save all open components

    * get out of solidworks (close SW)

    * reopen my initial assembly (without doing anything else)

    * get out of solidworks (close SW)


then in this case SW asks me to save the assembly and other sub-components as well - although I have not changed anythings. I am not sure I understand the logic behind SW, someone does or is this some SW weirdity?


Subsidiary question: when opening a component, is there a way to open all the sub-component it contains at the same time? I have quickly looked for this both in SW and on the web and could not find...