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    Where are the 'little tweeks' located?

    Daniel Mickey

      Where are the minor adjustments located, like making dimension text horizontal instead of following the dimension line?  And what are the handy keystroke shortcuts to get those nifty little effects that make a drawing look that much better?





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          Denzil Searle

          There are so many options it is not practical to list them all. What looks good to one person will not to anoither, so have a play and decide for yourself. Have a look at Tools - Options, all the settings are in there. There is a System Options tab for system-wide settings and a Document Properties tab for settings that are associated with the particular document.

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            Alan Stoldt



            For Keyboard SHortcuts: TOOLS > CUSTOMIZE > KEYBOARD > PRINT LIST




            For Tweaks look under DOCUMENT PROPERTIES > DIMENSIONS


            From there you have subs to choose from for all sorts of tweaks.



            DOC PROPS DIMS.JPG





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              Thomas Stendel

              Hello Daniel,


              As Denzil stated, there are so many options to speak of, finding them can be hard.  New funtionality in 2013 allows to search the 'Options' pages and give real-time results.  For example, suppose you were looking for some 'spline' options.  Try typing in 'spline' in the Options seach bar and this should help.




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                Jerry Steiger



                To begin with open an empty drawing. Then, under Tools/Options/Document Properties/Drafting Standard, decide which of the choices you prefer most. Then go through the rest of the Document Properties and make your selections.


                You should set up an empty drawing with all of your drawing properties set the way you like and then "Save as" "Drawing Template".


                The above is based on SolidWorks 2010 and things may be a bit different in your version.


                Jerry S.