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Can't upgrade to 2013 SP0

Question asked by Jeff Caniparoli on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2012 by John Burrill

I tried to upgrade one of my workstations from 2012 SP4.0 to 2013 SP0.


2013 SP0 showed up when I checked for updates within Solidworks so I started to install.  When I came back later, the computer was logged out and it does not appear 2013 installed.  When I looked at the available updates, 2012 SP5.0 is the only one that shows up and I can't find any trace of 2013 on the computer.


Does any one know how to force the upgrade?  I now have 2 workstations in the department running 2013 and one stuck at 2012.