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    Pack & Go function

    Kent Kwan

      Hello All,


      To save a lot of work hours, I was trying to use Pack and Go feature to create a new .sldasm file from an existing .sldasm file.  The existing .sldasm file has 6 sub .sldasm files and 4 of them remain unchanged when creating the new .sldasm.  However, when in Pack and Go window, after puting the new name for 2 sub .sldasm (new sub .sldasm had been created and saved in the same folder) in the tab "Save To Name" and hit Save, it came out with many error messages.  Am I done this incorrectly?  Or is there another way to create a new .sldasm design based on an existing sldasm design?


      Once again, your instruction is much appreciated.



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          Juanmanuel Pelayo

          Hi Kent,


          Here is the way I would do it step by step,


          1.- open a windows explorer where the files (dwg and assy) are located,


          2. right click on dwg only and select solidworks then pack and go


          3. see pic packngo-1, unchecked the red marked check


          4. see packngo-2, check only assembly and dwg and go to tab save to name your news files and hit ok,


          5. you will find this new files at the same folder than the original ones,


          maybe this is not a good practice for copying set of dwgs but is the way I learnt and it works for me


          hope this helps

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            Jerry Steiger



            I would not use Pack and Go in this situation. I would just "Save as" the assembly to a new name, then use the "Replace Component" in the new assembly to replace the two subassemblies that change. (If they don't change but are just not used, then just "Delete" them.)


            Jerry S.

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                Juanmanuel Pelayo



                Thanks for sharing knowledge,


                The option you are offering it didn't work for me, let me explain:


                let's say I do have file 1-A for assy and file 1-A for dwg,


                then I am opening both and save them as 1-B for assy and 1-B for dwg,


                then I open 1-A assy and make a extrude cut or something, and one I saved 1-A and 1-B reflects this cut,


                so 1-B assy its missing its dwg and 1-A has two drawings 1-A and 1-B


                did I miss something?