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    Mating issues in Part

    brandon michaelis



         We have a user experiancing some trouble in Part.  While mating our library parts to a model, the mates don't "take" right away.  In other words, when he applies the mate to the parts nothing happens when okay is selected.  However, once he exits the move command, then the mate will complete.  The trouble is, this make it difficult to mate parts when you can only perform one mate at a time.  Additionally, when he does re-enter the move command to try and mate the part again, the part reverts back to it's origianl state when the part was imported into the model!  We have updated his grapics card to the latest release.  He is running 2013 SW SP 2.0, windows 7 64 bit SP 1.  There are several other users with the exact same set-up that are not experiancing this issue.