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2013 simulation materials error

Question asked by James Canney on Oct 31, 2012

So my last thread was put down as a bug by our VAR, see thread , nice job by the way getting to SP4 and your plots don't work.


So to fix it I download 2013, not released, but hey. Now when I run different FOS plots against an individual part of an assembly it won't calculate against the material applied to that part. Only 2 different materials in the assembly, I want 2 FOS plots, 1 for 1 part and 1 for the other part, but 2013 Simulation think they are both made of the same thing.


This is definitely bug as I have taken a 2012 assembly which works perfectly in sim 2012, take it in to Sim 2013 and apparently its all now made of the same material.


See images from 2012 and the same from 2013.


Come on SWX, this should not fail!!!