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    Batch Processing

    Emil Tietje

      I have just completed a simulation project and which required looking at several models.  It is posible to:


      1. Analyze several models at the same time
      2. Schedule when the analysis is done
      3. Run analysis in batch process, so SolidWorks is availble to use interactively?




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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Emil: Here's a stab at it:

          1. I have not seen a function to solve different models at the same time, but you can solve variations of the same model in sequence (like a batch). Look-up "evaluation study" in the Simulation Help (this function used to be called "design scenarios").

          2. I have not seen a command function to schedule solution of analyses. Please check with your VAR on this. I recall there may have been a function in "Task Scheduler" to do so, but I cannot locate it in SW 2012.

          3. I am assuming from your question, you want to solve simulations in the background, but also run the CAD modeler simultaneously on the same computer. If you want to launch another instance of SolidWorks on the same computer, I believe it will work if you have enough memory, but it will not work if you have a network license. However it does violate the user software agreement to do so. If this is not what you are asking, I apologize in advance.

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            Ryan Noble

            I regularly analyze several models at the same time while also working within SolidWorks (in the same instance). I havent' seen anything regarding scheduling a simulation to run... I'm curious why you would need to do so?

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                Emil Tietje



                I was able to "resolve" both issues.  I wanted to be able to run multiple cases and work on drawings.  Multiple cases can be run.  Once the model starts (i.e. star),  other drawings can be openned.  These are the subtle details that SolidWorks do not clearly identify.