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    Borrow Network License ?

      Hi Mike,
      1 - You cannot "check out" a COSMOS license currently
      2 - The best way to review results w/o checking out a license is to save results as eDrawings files. Of course, you have to open them with the licensed COSMOSWorks once. However, eDrawings files are pretty handy ways to share and distribute results.
      3 - COSMOSXpress cannot open COSMOSWorks results

      -- Vince
        • Borrow Network License ?
          Actually 2 questions. These both relate to Advanced Professional 2006.
          1- Can a user "borrow" or "check out" a Cosmos License when working off-line? I can't seem to find this in the License Administrator.
          2- Is there any way to view results without using the Network License? It's a real pain to not be able to look at results on one machine while another is running analyses. If I install Cosmos Express will it view CosmosWorks results?