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    Multiple Instances with opening files

    William Wofford

      Hi All


      Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to stop opening multiple instances on my machine?


      I have spoken to our suppliers of the package at Leamington Spa, UK, who say they cant help me - even though we have spent so much money on their program - what cheek !!


      In any case, I am trying to avoid the 'A journal file could not be created ect....'


      has anyone else had this issue and knows how to fix it?


      Im running Win 7 on 64 with Solidworks 2011



      Any Help would be great - its a shame about their after sales support..!




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          Keith Parker

          Hi William


          First to say that it's time to change your VAR (Value Added Reseller)!  Clearly they're not adding any value when you have a clear problem ...  Who is it by the way; CADTEK, Solid Solutions or NTCADCAM?  If it's not one of those you're dealing with the small-fry end of the UK VAR market unfortunately and I'd change now.


          Anyway, to your problem.  Solidworks is opening another instance of itself because presumably you're double-clicking on a file (part, assy, drawing) in Windows explorer while you already have Solidworks open.  This will not just bring that file into SW as you might expect.  There has been a fair amount of discussions about this last year and earlier this year (have a look at one discussion here).  It's a Win7 thing and you need to play with the registry settings.


          If you just drag the SW file you want to open into your SW window or use the File>Open dialogue you won't get the problem.  Careful if you're in the assembly mode, as to open a new file by dragging, you need to drag it into SW outside the graphics area otherwise you'll insert it into your assembly.





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              William Wofford

              Hi Keith


              yes thats a great idea - I won't be using them again if they cant spare a few mins of help! Im not one to name and shame, but feel a bit let down.. Their Solid Solutions.


              Im thinking that it is a registy issue but being on a work computer they wont allow me to tinker with it.. over to the IT dept!


              I guess if anything ill have to remember to always have not to have more than one open - learnt the hard way and lost half a days work :/


              Thanks for your reply Keith!!