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ePDM naming and part copy issue

Question asked by Mike Jaquet on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by Mike Jaquet

I have a part in our ePDM vault that was partially built using solid bodies from a previous version of Solidworks.


I made a copy of the file, renamed the original, then tried to name the copy part with the previous name.  I want to use this part, I have deleted some features and solid bodies from it, then have added some new features to it.


The error I get when trying to update the Data Card is:

"Solidworks Enterprise PDM

Could not save the value since it has already been used and the control has the unique constraint set."


So, what steps should I take next?  This company is currently using SolidWorks Premium 2012 x64 Edition, SP 4.0. , and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 12.2B615.


Hopefully I don't have to regenerate/rebuild/remodel the part from scratch since it is fairly complex, which is why I was trying to shortcut by copying an existing part.


In a nutshell, the original part was an assembly built with solid bodies for component parts mixed with features on the main body, coupled with some configurations to manipulate and turn on/off various parts and positions in the assembly. I am using separate component parts, and want to reduce this main part to the part only, then I want to build an assembly with separate parts.


I'm not sure where to look to find the duplicate value or whatever is causing ePDM to not allow me to save the data card information.


Thanks in advance for any help.