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Transfer files from .sldasm to Kuka Sim using VRML

Question asked by Patrick Couture on Oct 29, 2012
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I'm sorry I first posted this question in the parts and feature forum without realizing there was an import/export forum. My apologies!


Here it goes...


We are using the robotic simulation software Kuka Sim for designing and programming robotic workcell and often times I have to export conveyors, rackings, tables and other stuff that were designed using Solidworks into the simulation.


The only format that can be imported into Kuka Sim and at the same time can be exported from SolidWorks is the VRML format.


My question is this, what would be the best techniques in order to get the most robust model in VRML format? Right now I open my .SLDASM, run through the "Defeature" tool to remove unecessary geometry in hopes of trimming down the model for better performance. That gets me a .sldprt which I can save as .WRL (VRML format).


Is there something else I should do? So far I'm having trouble with Kuka sim, when I'm able to open the VRML in my workcell it's ok but as soon as I save, the file crashes!


Thank you for your time