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Heat Transfer Coefficient

Question asked by Sergey Kruglov on Oct 29, 2012

Hi, Everybody!

Please, can you explain me one moment. What difference between parameters "Heat Transfer Coefficient" and "Heat Transfer Coefficient Internal" in FlowSimulation Parameter List.

In "Help" only "Heat Transfer Coefficient" is described, and I clearly understand what does it mean. It is convective heat transfer coefficient in Newton-Richman Law: h = q/(T_fluid - T_wall).

I decided to verify FlowSimulation's results with results of mathematical approach. I have calculated Nusselt Number "Nu" for turbulent flow of water in pipe and then calculated "h" from following equation h = Nu*k/d (k - thermal conductivity of the water, d - inner diamiter of pipe). Then I compared calculated "h" with FlowSimulation's results. I had a good correlation with the value of "Heat Transfer Coefficient Internal". But "Heat Transfer Coefficient" was not equal to "h". I can not understand:

- why "Heat Transfer Coefficient Internal" is not described in "Help";

- and how "Heat Transfer Coefficient" is calculated in FlowSimilation.

If "Heat Transfer Coefficient Internal" is convective heat transfer coefficient "h" in Newton-Richman Law, what does "Heat Transfer Coefficient" in this case?



P.S. Sorry for my poor English. Best regards from Russia!