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configuring PDM

Question asked by Harman Singh on Oct 29, 2012


This is my first project to transfer files from PDM from a different location to local computer. My project is to transfer solidwrks drawing from Vault server to my computer and rename them and saving them as pdf files on the network location.


1.. Obviously I need PDM server and client. As I was going through tutorials, I have to create users and grant access to them to copy RW acces.

2.. at local machine I have to get access to the Vault uding clinet and copy files to local machine and I can ado whatever I want to do.

33..ques is do I need to grant access level of check in, in progress and check out when i creat User in server?

4.. any guidances or suggested study material to install serevr(probably not) , server side (client terminal) and getting access to the vault.

please advise.