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    Solidworks on the new Apple iMac 2012 (Nvidia GeForce GTX 680MX)

    Tom Kolodotschko

      Hi All,


      Another graphics card question to throw into the mix.


      The new iMac is soon to be upon us, now happily with an Nvidia chipset built in plus a bit more grunt.


      Does anyone know how this card would function whether it be on a PC or Mac with Solidworks? I know not officially supported ut I have seen and read almost perfect performance through virtual machines.


      The reason why I ask is whether to get a lower spec'd machine for general design work (web, print etc.) and carry on using my CAD rig for everything else or try and consolidate everything into one machine as much as possible (using my workstation for a render node/ start building a server).


      Additional sub questions would be whether there have been any updates to Solidworks 2013 to help it play nice with other graphics cards (other than the current officially supported list)


      Hope you all have fun with this one