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Linking Custom Properties to Excel

Question asked by Ian Hooton on Oct 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by Deepak Gupta



I am looking for a little help, not sure if what I would like to do canbe done.


I have created custom properties that the user selects various departments and projects from (lists stored on a central excel file).


What I would like to do is that when a drawing is created the existing custom properties are populated in to the drawing, this is easy, but what I would like to do is also have for example the department number appear on the drawing, but only by using a lookup on the department name. (each department has a different number, this is stored also on the central excel file). Then I would like depending on the department number colour a rectangle with a specific colour.


I can do this no problem in excel using Vlookup and condition formating, but how can I translate this into a title block?