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    Solidworks 2013 Benchmark

    Vittorio Villani

      I can't find any SolidWorks 2013 benchmark result database and I tought that it would be great to have a forum post where we can discuss about the results that we get in the bench to evaluate hardware updates and software optimizations.


      I am unhappy with the 2012 database because there are too many "strange" results (time that seem impossible to get).


      I will start with the result from a MacBook Air 2011 Core i7-2677M based, 256Gbyte SSD and no dedicated GPU. I have one friend using it for Solidworks 2013 and I was courios to know the results.


      59 video

      47.5 cpu

      30 i/o

      24 rendering


      The result is surprisingly good for this kind of product and, probabily because my expectations were low, I had a pretty decent working experience with it.


      I'll be really happy if everybody could share they "tip and tricks" to get better SolidWorks results.