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    Sketches to curves

    Brad Reinagle

      I have a part that will have a linear scale screen printed onto a surface.

      Our art department created the graphics for this scale and saved them as .dxf files.

      I can import these .dxf files into my model and they come in as a sketch which looks ok.

      I need to send these finished models to a supplier who does not have Solidworks so I save the files as .stp files.

      The problem is I do not see anywhere in the STEP file options to include sketches with the model.

      I cannot convert/project these sketches as curves as they are basically a bunch of short horizontal lines (think of a ruler). And I get a warning exuse about the sketch not being suitable to create projected curve due to it has more than one open/closed profiles.

      I could create a single curve, and then pattern it along the length that I need, but Solidworks does not let you pattern/mirror anything that has to do with datums, curves or points.

      Any other optionsto create geometry on this surface that will make it through the step file process?