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    Compare Z77 & X79 platforms for SolidWorks

    Chris Dawalt

      I currently have an i7-2600K  with an ASUS Maximus IV Gene Z mother board and use SolidWorks 2010 and 2012.  I will be giving my current system to my son at Christmas and I am ready to move to a Z77 or an X79 platform.  I have researched both and have a strong understanding of what each one offers (specs).  The new system will be used for gaming also,  but I am curious as to how the performance of the IvyBridge 3770K compares to the 3820 and the 3930K when using SolidWorks.


      I don't do any rendering or flow analysis - just machine design.  300 to 500 parts, and the assembly files are in the 150 meg range of size.


      I want to see how people who are using these platforms feel about the performance.   I know the X79 keeps the door open for future CPUs, but is that alone enough to go that direction.  Some people say to go with X79 and a 3820 for now, and wait to see what Intel does with the next gen of multi-core CPU's (IvyBridge E).  Maybe the 3930K pricing will come down?


      Perhaps my use of SolidWorks is more suited to the Z77...