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    FSAA doesn't work quadro 5000

    Dan Gray

      We recently upgraded to 2012 x64 SP4.0

      My system: (2) Xeon E5620

      12 GB ram

      Quadro 5000

      win 7 x64


      no matter what graphics driver I use the FSAA doesn't work.

      In solidworks it allows me to select FSAA but it doesnt do anything.

      Ive tried drivers from 259.12, 275.89,276.42, 305.93, and 306.79

      the only difference I have seen is with the 3xx drivers they offer Nvidia

      FXAA which helps but isnt solidworks dependant.

      its frustrating having a 2gb graphics card that isnt allowing FSAA when

      everything says it should.

      Any suggestions or advise would be great.

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          Dan Gray

          Nobody? SO no one else has issues with Full Scene Anti Aliasing not working?  Ive fully deleted the drivers and still have the issue. I don't get it. The Anti Alias edges/Sketches works but not the Full Scene. I can turn it on but it doesnt Anti Alias it looks just like having None selected.

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              Anna Wood



              I suspect it is more of that most people do not use FSAA, coupled with the fact that many folks do not have a high end card such as the Quadro 5000 in their systems.


              I would need to do some testing on my systems over the holiday weekend to see if I can get FSAA to work.  I have a Quadro 5000 that I can put in one of my render nodes to test out.  It has SW2012 SP5 and SW2013 Sp1ev installled.





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                  Dan Gray

                  Thank you for the response. I suspect you are right and not many people use it or pay attention. I use dual large screen monitors so it is glaringly obvious. When we first upgraded to SW 2012 I had FSAA working correctly, then we had issues with toolbox and our IT guy reinstalled SW and I could no longer get FSAA to work. I have gone over it with him and he said he didnt do anything different. Ive removed the driver deleted all the NVidia files, cleaned the registry and reinstalled the driver and it didnt change anything. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.