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Cant mate due to rounding error

Question asked by Chiko Kishi on Oct 26, 2012
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I am building a boat (PD Racer if anyone is interested) and i am trying to mate the nose to the sides.  I mate the top corner, and when I try to mate the bottom corner it says it is over defined.  Where can I find the option to resize a part in order to meet the mate requirements?  Iv made the two sides as close as I can in length, and I know that I can mate the top corner, and the side and it will be perfectly fine.  But the computer knows they are not the same length so this might creat issues later when i try to mate things to the nose and the sides.  I included the parts im trying to mate, in the file i have the foward side and the top corner mated to put the part in the propper location, I am trying to mate the top and bottom corners without these other mates.