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Excel based BOM API

Question asked by Chris Simmons on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by Wayne Houwd

Hello everyone! I am looking for help writing an API to insert an Excel based BOM on a drawing. I have tried for quite a while, but cannot seem to get anything to work. I have also searched on the forum and the net without any success.


The steps that I am doing manually:

1. Have drawing of assembly open.

2. Select Drawing View4.

3. Insert / Tables / Excel Based Bill of Materials

4. Select bomtemp.xls

5. Check, Use the document font type when creating the table. (Config Tab)

6. Check, Show top level subassemblies and part only. (Config Tab)

7. Check, Use table anchor point / Bottom Right. (Config Tab)

8. Check, Row numbers follow assembly order. (Control Tab)


This is all I am looking to do. I would like to make it so the macro selects Drawing View4, but if that is not possible I can select it prior then run the macro.


Any help with stepping me through how to go about writing this correctly will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,