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Projecting a 2D hatched sketch around a 3D non-uniform surface

Question asked by Richard Ward on Oct 26, 2012
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Projecting a 2D hatched sketch around a 3D non-uniform surface


Task: Applying a 400x400mm square hatched sketch to a 3D surface.

The Surface: See below. Imagine a pyramid shape with the top cut off at an angle and the corners rounded with different radii for all corners.



I have modelled all the corners as sheet metal parts, unfolded them and drawn on the desired 400 x 400mm grid.Flat.JPG



I now have to wap this 400x400 grid around this surface. How can this be achieved?


All previous attempts have failed:


Wrap - The surface is not conical or cylindrical

Split line- The sketch stretches around the corner

Projected Sketch - The sketch has more than one closed entity

3D sketch - Connecting projected flat patterns onto the flats and trying to 'spline on surface' between the points (as seen in the first drawing)

Sheet Metal - Any sketches made in the flat pattern do not apply when folding the sheet metal back to 3d


EDIT:*I have also tried changing the appearence of the surface to a 400x400mm checkered pattern but the squares bend and warp around the corners.*

EDIT-2: *I have recently discovered the 'face curves tool' but this tool does not maintatin a 400 x 400mm grid either*


*Verry little response to this question, as the only comment below states, perhaps this cannot be done in Solidworks*




I have been stuggeling with this for a while now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.