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SolidWorks 2012 and Indexing (network performance)

Question asked by Manfred Kuhnert on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by Manfred Kuhnert

Hello together,


we have problems with the time to load SolidWorks-Projects, with all files saved on a fileserver. (Gigabit-Connection, brandnew highend Fileserver, brandnew highend workstations, about 10% network- and hdd-load on both sides, 100 Megabyte per Second transferrate in both directions > SolidWorks seems to use only 10% of the avaible bandwidth for some reasons )


So we are currently trying to boost the time SW needs to open projects and noticed there is no indexing enabled on the Workstations. So I've got following questions:



1) All Engineering- & SW-Files are saved on a fileserver, which is mapped to the network drive L. There are settings under Tools > Options > File Locations and Tools > Options > System Options > External References... is it possible to just add the drive letter L and all subfolders will be scanned/indexed?


2) Does SW works in combination with Google Desktop Search, Windows Desktop Search and especially Copernic Desktop Search? Will it speed up SW to open and find files?



3) I have to admit I never used SolidWorks by myself and I just describe, what our Engineers told me. Hopefully I got it right... so... 10 years ago or so, when the Toolbox Feature didn't exist, our Engineering created all standard parts by themselve and saved them to *.SLDPRT-Files. Since this day our Engineering work with the selfcreated *.SLDPRT-Files instead of the toolbox. They didn't change it to this day, because it takes a lot of time to change everything or so. (Don't ask me why ) So opening a project files results in a shitload of SLDPRT-Files, which have to be loaded. To put it in a nutshell - working with the toolbox instead of selfcreated SLDPRT-Files... will it speed up SW, especially the time SW needs to load projects/constructions?



4) I read using SW PDM increases the work speed in a network. Is it true and can someone explain why?


Thank you in advance.