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    Dispatch Problem

    Laura Whittle

      So here is my rename dispatch.


      The problem is when I select multiple files, it will skip over some of them. At first I thought it was every other file, but now it seems to be fairly random on which files it skips.  Does anyone have a suggestion to why that is?


      I can always reselect the files that did not get renamed and do it again, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do that.





      rename dispatch.pngHi,

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          Tim Webb

          It looks like it is set to bail once a rename happens and the message box is displayed.


          Did you intend to jump out of the end for all documents as soon as it finds one to rename?



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              Laura Whittle

              we wanted it to bail out of the configuration block once it found one to rename

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                  Tim Webb

                  Hi again Laura,


                  Might consider changing your Jump "IF ALWAYS THEN GOTO End" to Jump "IF ALWAYS GOTO no number"


                  It looks like it is jumping ship as soon as it finds one that it renames.


                  How many files does it rename when it actually runs before it stops?


                  Besides that, it appears that it would work as you've described.

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                      Laura Whittle

                      Well 1st time I selected 10 files and it renamed 7 of them.


                      2nd time I selected 4 and it renamed 3.


                      3rd time I selected 20 files and it renamed 10.


                      No real pattern.


                      I'm not 100% sure so I'll give it a shot on changing the if always go to end to go to no number won't hurt anything!


                      The reason we put that there is so that once the file has been renamed it moves out of the configuration block, and goes to the next file.  We don't have a part number for the @ tab of drawings, so the first non @ tab is what we want the title of the file to be, that's why we stopped the configuration block after it renamed the file, we didn't want it to go to the next configuration tab and rename the file again. Each configuration in our part/assemblies gets a new part number.