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    Need to add fillets to impeller vanes

    Barry Setzer

      I have this impeller all modeled up, but I still need to add a variable radius fillet to the base of each vane. The fillet starts as a .19" rad at the base of the OD, and at the top of the vane transitions smoothly into a .125" rad, then back down the vane's opposite side to .190" again. However, using the loft data that was provided by the customer, the surfaces between the blade and the hub are too far apart to knit, and I have had zero luck extending the blade surfaces. HELP!!!!!!! I have to program these parts for our 5 axis mill and I can't do that without a good model...................

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          Matt Wallace



          If you are a programmer, I imagine you have a lot of experience modeling in your CAM package but not Solidworks.  I think your model is way more complicated than it needs to be.


          1.  Fillets can only be applied to edges of a body.  Your vanes and hub(?) are seperate bodies.  They can't be combined because the vanes aren't intersecting the hub properly.


          2. The front edges of the vane I looked at aren't tangent, because the 3d sketches used for the front and back surfaces don't have a tangent relationship.


          3.  I think boundary is going to have problems for the top and bottom of the vanes, because of the edges coming together.  I think Fill is what you want.


          4.  There appear to be places you are using a Fill Surface when you could (should(?)) be using Planar, but really, I think the whole hub should be a single solid revolve.


          Good luck, this will be a cool model when done.  This is at the edge of my competence, but the way I would approach it is to solid revolve the hub, get a good solid of each of the vanes (you will end up with 2 diferent ones, if I am interpreting your model correctly), and then make a single circular pattern of the vanes.

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            Barry Setzer

            You're right. I backed my model all the way up to the hub and vanes only. Then extruded the surfaces through the hub, trimmed hub surface underneath the vane, then added my var filet.Sweet, thanks for the response!