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Using design tables to modify global equations

Question asked by Jason Borden on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by Alan Stoldt

My goal is to creat an assembly that I can infinately adjust. So far I have created all the parts with configurations and equations so that when just one equation changes, say "overall width" all other variables such as patterns and dimensions automatically change. I have 90% of my parts working but I have a few bugs to work out.


1. In a part drawing: If I change the configuration, I can not seem to get the one global variable to change along with it.

          I have tride creating a design table, which is very new to me, and using the "$VALUE@global_variable@NAME@EQUATIONS" syntax and editing it to "$VALUE@global_variable@CAB_WIDTH@EQUATIONS". The name of the global equation I wish to change in named "CAB_WIDTH". Does anyone have any knowledge of where I am going wrong?


2. I need to create a design table or some other form to control for all the parts in an assembly so that I can input a height, depth and width of the assembly and all the parts will adjust accordingly. I know this must be possible but is over my head at the moment. We are considering going to tactonwork, but if I can figure it out in SolidWorks, that would make me thrilled.


Thank you all