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Combinatory explosion and DT/config

Question asked by Solidworks Ar on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by Tim Glavin



I have a question regarding combinatorial explosition of the number of configurations. The explanation below is a simplified version of my situation but the whole problem is captured.


Imagine I have a part which is a square box. It initially has 2 configurations: 'hole' which has a hole in the center and 'plain' which has no hole.


I now want to insert 6 instances of this part in an assembly:

   * 3 instances with 'hole'

   * 3 'plain' instances


In each series there are 3 instances and I want each instance to have a different edge length. This means that I will have the following instances:


   * size 1, with hole

   * size 2, with hole

   * size 3, with hole

   * size 1, plain

   * size 2, plain

   * size 3, plain


Does it mean I will need to create 6 different configurations of my part?


Isn't there a way to say that the part has 2 parameters (size and hole presence) and that for each instance created we need to specify the parameters?


I am asking that because if I add another parameter (say I add a shaft to my box, and the new parameter is the length of the shaft) and this length can take 5 sizes then combining the different possible values of my parameters have me create 3 * 2 * 5 = 30 configurations.


This is beginning to be impossible to manage, no? How do you normally handle these situations guys?