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Some Basic SM questions

Question asked by Elizabeth Sorenson on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

What's the difference between Extruded Cut in SM and Extruded Cut Regular SW part? I find that Ext. Cut in SM cuts away parts almost opposite parts of cut.


You may NOT make modifications or cuts in the flattened state of a SM part. Is this correct?


In an assembly with SM parts you may not use the SM properties. Correct? You should make a config. of part in folded/& unfolded state?


SM does not maintain properties of SM when you have different thicknesses in your part. Correct? Any way around this?


I have tried on my SM parts - bending 1st cuts 2nd

                                           cutting 1st bends 2nd   Neither one of these seem to solve my SM problems.


I have posted several times and have gotten GREAT answers. Still struggling and have not accomplished bending my aluminum panels with a 45 degree cut that does not go thru material. Looked at a YouTube on bending panels with 45 cut exactly what I wish to accomplish hoewever its an 8 sec. clip with no directions strictly visual.