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    Grouping sketch entities to fix relative position

    John Tolman

      Sorry if this is obvious or answered elsewhere, I don't even know what to search for to do this. I would think grouping would have the behavior I want, at least it does in Illustrator. Unfortunately grouping in Solidworks is not the same, or at least I am not able to get it to behave the same.


      If I have a sketch of a simple logo, I want to make a part/drawing of it so I can laser cut parts directly from Solidworks instead of exporting a DXF to Illustrator, adding logos, etc. and then printing it.


      I would like to group the set of lines together relative to eachother. I don't want to fix the entities, because then I can't move it around in the work space. Even if I drag select all the lines, when I drag a line to move the entire object, it just moves the one line. I would like my design to become one entity where I can position the geometrical center, or at the very least, dimension the mid-point of my horizontal line and have the other lines follow with keeping the shape.


      I've used Solidworks for years but never for something like this which would be trivial in Illustrator or other graphics editing software.


      Any ideas? I am really trying to cut Illustrator out of my workflow since Solidworks is so much simpler to adjust geometries as I laser cut prototypes. I included a screenshot just in case, but really it's just any design made up of lines inside a sketch.