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    How to get the negative of a cavity?

    Alberto Pavan

      Hello everybody,

      i'm a begginer in the use of SolidWorks, so i would be grateful if you could help me step by step. I have a 3D model with a cavity; this cavity has a curved base surface very variable. In the cavity there are also some internal features at different heights. I have to get the negative of this cavity (a kind of filling) in order to calculate the volume.



      I hope i was clear,



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          Chris Michalski

          Alberto -

          if you create a new simple part that completely fills this space (plus more, some simple shape) - then use the Combine (subtract) function.  This will let you cut the new part using the existing part.  What you have left you simply use properties to see volume.


          1) new sketch on bottom surface that is a rectangle slightly larger than your area in question as viewed from above

          2) extrude up to surface (select the contour surface) (do not merge results)

          3) insert -> feature -> combine -> subtract

          4) Tools -> Mass Properties