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    Centerlines in models

    Brad Reinagle

      I am working on a model supplied to usby an outside design firm.

      In some of their models it appears they had something turned on to create centerlines through radii in extrusions.

      These centerlines do not seem to be of much use they are more of a visual distraction as they can only be "turned off" by "Hide all Types"

      These centerlines do not show up in the model tree as individual centerlines either.

      I can select them on the screen, but can't really do anything with them and nothing lights up in the model tree.

      These models are of long extrusions with multiple extrusions inside one another in the assembly, so when you have all types displayed there is this distracting cluster of centerlines mixed in with all the displayed edges etc.

      And if I want to use a centerline to align to in an assembly with these components I need to go back into the models and create a reference geometry styel centerline anyway.

      So, how do I get rid of these ones that seem to have been created in someother way than reference geometry centerlines?