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    Some good stuff in SW2013

    Glenn Schroeder

      I opened SW2013 this morning for the first time. I'm playing around with it a little bit before using it for working projects.  There are some things I really like so far.


      1.  I can set a layer for centerlines and centermarks in Document Properties.


      2.  This is a big one for me:  I can edit seperate lines of text in Detail View labels, such as having the scale call-out a smaller font, and adding text, such as TYP x 4, below it.  This was done for Section Views in SW2012 and I'm happy to see it in SW2013 now.


      (However, I had edited this text and then changed the detail view Style from "Per Standard" to "With Leader", and the view label reverted back to the default.  I edited the label again and changed the Style back to "Per Standard" and the label changed back again.  Is anyone else seeing this?  It's not a big deal, but it may be a candidate for a future service pack unless this is one of those little tricks that my computer plays on me for it's own personal amusement.)


      3.  I can call out the Part Number (BOM part name) with a balloon.


      I'm going to do more checking, and I know that there are a lot more changes and enhancements, but these are some that I'll use on every project that I work on.