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adding tables to vault database... does it "void" VAR support?

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by Joy Garon

If you add additional tables and data to the vault database (that is created when the vault is created) that is not really related to the vault itself, does this "void" support from Solidworks or your VAR?  I would be using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (which is installed with SQL Server) to do this.


I'm trying to add additional tables to store data that is not really part of the vault itself (tables containing information for our advertising department--such as publication names, publisher's names, etc), and I'm finding it difficult to gather data from two different databases simulaneously, so I'm thinking that if I put the tables into the vault database, then I can join them in an SQL query easier, since EPDM can only return 1 column of data.