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A simple flow simulation question

Question asked by Marco Wu on Oct 21, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2012 by Wei Siong Low

I make an assemble model and do flow simulation. The model is symmetrical. I applied flow from the small hole as an inlet, the bigger hole as an outlet. From my point of view, the flow should be also symmetrical, because every input and the model are symmetrical. However, it is not the result in the simulation. May I know why? PLease help.




I attached the files, but am going to include the information here in case the parameters are not saved in the file


smallest flow pessage = 1"

Type: Air

Inlet: "face<1>@Part3-1

Inlet Q: 6000ft^3/min

Inlet T : 200F

Outlet: Face<2>@Part2-1

Outlet: Pressure 0.068lbf/in^2