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    How do you schedule your projects?

    Bill Lacey

      Currently, we have to do a manual schedule, either hand written or in Excel, to show when work needs to be done and how long it will take to complete (estimated time). The problem with this method is that it is a nightmare to keep up with. We have a couple of customers that do a lot of work with us and will usually have 20+ projects for the three of us CAD monkeys to share. On Thurdsay we have a meeting to schedule these projects for the following week. As soon as Monday rolls around, the hierarchy of project importance has changed due to the volatility of the customers (and their lack of internal communication between their own project managers), and I'm left with a useless schedule that has to be updated.


      I could have a full time job just doing project schedules alone, and for this reason I have stopped doing them altogether, instead listing the projects that need to be completed and we just chip away at them as they are needed. This makes it nearly impossible to show where projects will overlap or conflict with each other as they change, making it hard for me to justify hiring another CAD monkey.


      I'm thinking a Gantt chart type program would work best, but I'd like to get an idea of what the rest of you are using (software or written methods) to schedule your work amongst your employees.