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Bend notes on flat pattern changing when changing configurations

Question asked by Randy Franklin on Oct 21, 2012

I, probably like alot of users, make a master sheetmetal drawing for a part that has multiple configurations.  From that master drawing I will save it as another number and change the referenced configurations as needed to create the new drawings.  On the flat pattern view I usually like to rotate all bend notes so that they are normal (horizontal)  Also, if I have a series of flanges that are all along the same bend line and bend to the same angle with the same radii (lets say 3 flanges), I like to hide 2 of the bend notes created by default leaving just 1 which helps keep the flat view as "clean" as possible and not overcrowded.  The problem comes when I need to do a save as to make another drawing for a different configuration,  all of my bend notes go back to the default state as soon as I change the referenced configuration.  Redoing the bend notes is still better than creating a whole new print from scratch but I would thing that the edits I do on my master drawing could be "locked" and carry over to the other configurations.  Do I just have wishful thinking or is there a way to do what I want?  Thanks for your time.