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    Linked values

    Pedro Benlloch

      Hello !


      I'm already working with SW 2012 in two computers: Home & work.  I know that "link values" is beeing replaced by "global variables". However, "link values" funtionality is still available, as far as I know.  Infact, at work I found it by click on right button on dimension. The point is that I cannot find it at home computer !!!   The only difference is that at work I have installed SW 2012 - 64 bits, and at home SW 2012 but 32 bits. Might it be the reason? Or there is something at Options menus, to make it visible this option of "link values" ?????


      Thank you very much.

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          Karan Lingerkar

          Hello Pedro,


          Just by right clicking on the "sketch dimension" you will find an option "Link Values"


          Are you saying you cannot find it this way? I dont think link dimensions has to do anything with your setting options or bit platform of your computer.