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    High speed slowdown

    Jason Rogers

      I am using Solid works Premium 2011 x 64 edition On a Dell T7500 with a Quadro 4800. Its a 12 core 24 GB ram pc. I have heard that the program uses only one core when in use but i get massive slowdowns during rotating models. It works fine on my laptop with 2 cores and 4 gb ram so whats the problem. I ran the Solid works Benchmark test and it came back with these results:


      Graphics 35.6 sec

      Processor 125.8 sec

      I/O 89.9 sec

      Rendering 37.6 sec


      Overall: a whopping 251.4 Sec

      I have seen others with less power and have Processor time of 0.10sec this makes no sense.


      I need help.

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          Anna Wood

          What is the specific cpu model in your system?


          Are you running Windows 7?


          What are the specs on your laptop?


          Hard to compare without more details about your two systems.





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              Jason Rogers

              Its a Dell Precision T7500, Intel Xenon X5650 2.67GHZ 12core, w 24GB Ram. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64. Quadro 4800 Video card.

              The laptop is a I7 dual core dell with 8gb ram and Nvidia mobile video card.

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                  Anna Wood

                  How about the specifics on your laptop?  You have not given us any info on your laptop to be able to judge how it should perform.


                  What make and model laptop?  What is the cpu in the laptop?  What video card is in the laptop?


                  What are the video card drivers in both systems?  Are they the approved drivers from SolidWorks for the specific make and model of computer and the version of SolidWorks you have on the systems?




                  Are you running Windows 7 x64 for an OS?


                  Tell us about your model.  Large assemblies with thousands of parts?  Surface models with lots of surfaces?  Highly featured models with a lot of facets such as a very detailed plastic part?


                  Are you running with RealView on all the time?  Are shadows toggled on?


                  Model rotation on screen is mostly video card.  The Quadro FX4800 is a couple generations old, but a pretty powerful card in its day.  I am going to suspect that you do not have an up to date video card driver for the version of SolidWorks that you are running.


                  What does SolidWorks Rx tell you when you run it?   Programs > SolidWorks > SolidWorks Tools





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                Aviv Liberman


                Some of my thoughts:

                1. I used to have this slow down issues when my anti-virus was on.
                  I changed the order of installation and worked it out.
                  But that might not be the case here.
                2. check this help page (if you did not up till now ).
                3. and this discussion.



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                  Scott Baugh

                  Do you have large assemblies? If so, are they in Lightweight Mode or fully resolved?


                  Try lightweight if you haven't already and see if you get the same results.


                  Are you Part models really complex?


                  Poor design can lead to extremely slow rebuilds and rotations in the graphics area. Check to see if there are better practices you could be using to increase Model speed.


                  What about your VC driver? Are you using the certified driver? If rotating is slow and choppy, then to me that sounds more like a driver issue, because you have a certified card.


                  You are right about SW being a single core process, it will only utilize one core when your in Solidworks, but if you use Photorendering or Simulation, then having the multi-cores are a HUGE benefit. We have the T7500 just for our Simulation stuff as well as using them for all our Mold Flow items. We are currently looking at the BOXX machines and the T7700 16 core 32GB RAM PC's for our next purchase. So far the Dell's are still out performing the Lenovo's that we have test ran against them. We are still buying Dell's until there is a problem. BOXX PC's are just not cheap enough and their laptops are just to bulky.


                  Let us know about the above questions... Best Regards,