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High speed slowdown

Question asked by Jason Rogers on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Scott Baugh

I am using Solid works Premium 2011 x 64 edition On a Dell T7500 with a Quadro 4800. Its a 12 core 24 GB ram pc. I have heard that the program uses only one core when in use but i get massive slowdowns during rotating models. It works fine on my laptop with 2 cores and 4 gb ram so whats the problem. I ran the Solid works Benchmark test and it came back with these results:


Graphics 35.6 sec

Processor 125.8 sec

I/O 89.9 sec

Rendering 37.6 sec


Overall: a whopping 251.4 Sec

I have seen others with less power and have Processor time of 0.10sec this makes no sense.


I need help.