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    Dimension box and arrows keys : there is right a bug !!

    Pet Peever

      The dimension box don't accept arrow keys : compared to the beautiful bugs I found


      (those ones worth their weight in gold :

      - https://forum.solidworks.com/message/318367#318367

      - https://forum.solidworks.com/message/317942#317942

      - https://forum.solidworks.com/message/322228#322228



      it's nothing.


      But it's a bit boring, yet.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I don't understand. What do you expect the dimension box to do with the arrow key input? If I single click in the dimension window, then the left and right arrow keys shift me left and right in the dimension, as I would expect.


          Jerry S.

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              Pet Peever



              Yesterday, impossible to make the left/right arrows keys working, in the dimension box.


              This was in a 3D sketch, in an asm.


              To edit the datas, i used the left panel Dimension, the field Primary value, but with the popup box, impossible to make the keys working.


              Today, all works good. Very strange.

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                Pet Peever

                I found where is this bug.


                A 3D sketch, in a asm (perhaps this behaviour is in others occurences).


                1- you click on an existing dimension.

                Then, the left panel "Dimension" is opened


                2- you dbl click on the dimension, then, the popping up box is popping up, but then left/right keys don't work in this box.


                I hope that this post will help.