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Lines behavior in SW

Question asked by Amit Kohan on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by Lenny Bucholz



I am having questions about line behavior in SoildWorks. I tried to learn sketching and of course what I should be expecting from line but found there are different cases and it is not consistent.


Here are few of the cases:


Case 1: let's assume there are two lines connected via a shared node e.g. AB and AC so moving AB allows us to move AB on AC and as much as it gets extended in 2 directions or moving AC allows us to move AC on AB only.


Case 2: If we add up a new line to the same shared node between AB and AC then we will fact two different behaviors:

2-1) if line gets branched out  then other 2 lines movement will stay as before

2-2) if line is added toward sharing node then other 2 lines or at least one of them will have a different behavior meaning that one of them will move in favor of new line.


in cases more than 2 lines, this gets more complicated.


Question: What is the logic behind this?