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SW2009 Design Checker and Drafting Standard

Question asked by Silviu Nita on Oct 19, 2012

Hi everybody,


We're playing with SW2009 Premium SP5.1, along with SW2011 Premium SP5.0, local install, no PDM (not my option), Win XP x64.


For a client we have some projects in SW 2009, involving biiiiig assemblies and customer's own components library. They have ENOVIA, we don't.

The customer was cautious and send us: templates for parts, assemblies, drawings (20 types), BOM templates, Sheet Formats, some symbols and a Drafting Standard. On this point, I want to build a set of rules for Design Checker, based on provided Design Standard. I mean I would like that DC open and read all information from Design Standard file (sldstd) and save a DC swstd file - a SW file to another SW file. Problem is I don't know how to do this.

Does SW have a tool for this task? Or we need to have/build a macro/API to achieve this goal?


Why isn't able DC to open customer's templates and read all custom properties embedded there and build rules based on those properties? It is a workaround for this?


Btw how can I read data from a Design Standard, other than importing it inside SW?


Thx in advance.