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"Rotation direction" field in a custom fan

Question asked by Reuben Aronson on Oct 19, 2012

Hi all,


I have four fans driving air through an electronics cooling assembly, two inlet and two outlet. They're defined as custom fans in the Engineering Database. When I run the simulation, the streamlines are much faster at the edge of the enclosure near the outlet of the further fan. (See attached picture). My first assumption was that the rotation of the fans was causing this effect, as it showed up in a simulation with no added heat and the simulation is otherwise symmetric. Note also on the picture that the inlet and outlet fans are spinning in the same direction from above, meaning that the inlet are left-handed and the outlet are right-handed. I tried reversing the orientation of the outlet fans in the custom fan definition but there was no change. My questions are:

- What does that "rotation direction" field do? Does it add circulation to the flow or is it just cosmetic?

- Is this rotation direction causing the flow to be shunted to the side, or is there a different factor?

- How do I fix it so the four fans have the same handedness? Apparently changing the orientation didn't do anything.


Thank you!

Reuben Aronson